J M Fulton was born in 1982 and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2004, winning the Royal Scottish Academy Scholarship to study in Florence and the GSA Landscape¬† Drawing Prize. He also studied at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. He now works as an artist, teaching in social care settings, and painting from his studio in Glasgow’s East End.


“The reason I paint is that for me it is the most natural way to express my humanity, in the same way that others may chose to write or make music. Each time I start a painting I embark on a struggle to make it as alive and elegant as possible, hoping that some of my feeling is committed to canvas forever.

“In my work I hope to keep alive the traditional skills of a painter, the romantic endeavour of capturing something of the sublime and beautiful through colour and form. My paintings take me to an imaginary past, sometimes a classical Scotland, sometimes a nostalgic Glasgow.¬†My hope is that my pictures communicate the joy I have in creating them. I would be happy if my paintings managed to convey some of my hopefulness and my appreciation of the splendour of the city I live in and the dignity I see in ordinary people.

“Like all artists I have a unique set of influences and I hope to use my deep appreciation of the European painting tradition with the experiences of my life spent in Glasgow and Lanarkshire to create good paintings. My recent work represents the pinnacle of years of study and practice and I hope to develop my career and reputation for years to come so that more people can see my art.”